PUMA Global Unified Site

Role: Art Direction

 2014 marked a significant milestone for PUMA with the launch of the new puma.com – a responsive and “unified” digital shopping experience that unifies brand, marketing and e-commerce under one global brand voice and technology platform. We were tasked with the redesign, strategy, development and deployment.


The platform we designed covers over 25 countries in 8 languages, all while maintaining a single global brand vision. We've launched the new puma.com in Europe and North America, with plans to roll out to the rest of the globe soon.


Brand content is integrated throughout the customer journey in a relevant and useful way.


Top level navigation supports both the focused shopper and the explorer. Our region selector also supports PUMA's 20+ non-ecommerce countries—the company can still have a digital brand presence in places they don't offer e-commerce yet.


An emotional connection is injected throughout the experience. All templates were designed responsively. (Click on thumbnail to view full page)