Harman Audio

Role: Art Direction

Harman Audio is known for quality sound. The company owns a host of premium audio brands including Harman Kardon, JBL, AKG, Infinity and more. Chances are Harman products touch your life everyday whether it’s at home, in the car, at the movies or at a concert. In 2014, we partnered with Harman to recreate their digital presence. In under 90 days, our team re-branded Harman's online flagship, re-platformed their e-store and launched a responsive site. Our mission? To give Harman customers a premium online experience that was in line with the quality of their products.


About The Project



✔ A true brand site design

✔ Responsive

✔ SEO optimization

✔ Promotions channel

✔ New e-comm platform


Brand Opportunity

✔ Each Harman brand has very unique positioning

✔ Huge opportunity to establish a strong Harman brand voice


Be Inspired By NYC Retail Store

✔ Expose the breadth of Harman's product offering

✔ Celebrate the range of the Harman brand portfolio

✔ Be inspired by the store design


Create A True Brand Site

Build brand recognition and express the true Harman brand voice

✔ It’s not just a place to buy product, it’s a place to buy into the brand


Elevate The Brand To Match The Premium Quality Of Its Products

✔ Use design to cultivate the same kind of experience customers encounter in Harman’s physical products

✔ Be clean, modern and simple

✔ Convey innovation and sophistication

✔ But always be approachable and human


Support The Complete Brand Portfolio

✔ Create a space where all portfolio brands can play nicely

✔ Individual brands shouldn’t just coexist, they should unite to express a consistent Harman Audio brand voice



The Inspiration: NYC Retail Store



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Custom Responsive Grid

We created a responsive grid based off our Homepage design. As new components were designed, we accounted for responsive patterns early on.


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Shop Flow Pages

For a majority of the Shop Flow pages, our team was restricted to designing against the out-of-the-box templates offered by Harman's e-commerce platform. Nevertheless, we applied a fresh visual interface to these pages which brought the otherwise generic templates to life.


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Our Checkout experience included a complete integration with Fluid's proprietary checkout solution.


Before & After