Franklin Custom

Role: Art Direction

In 2014, we worked with Franklin Sports to design and implement their very first product customization offering. Using Fluid’s own customization software, we delivered a visually rich and interactive experience that opened Franklin up to a whole new type of business. We designed the Configurator tool as well as a microsite that would engage and convert customers. The project also involved a much-needed redesign of Franklin's digital brand presence.






The Product Configurator

Franklin Custom was one of Fluid's first cross agency & product team projects. I worked on the agency team that provided art direction and UX design. The agency group consisted of me and one UX designer, so we were able to run a lean but agile design team. During the design phase, we worked closely with our product team engineers to ensure we were designing to our software's specs. We also collaborated with them to find areas we could build on in order to improve the user experience.


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Franklin Custom Microsite

In addition to designing the Product Configurator tool, we created a microsite that built a larger experience around the Franklin Custom offering. These pages provide several entry points into the Configurator experience. Our goal with the microsite was not only to drive conversion, but to inspire customers and build loyalty around the Franklin brand. 


Landing Page


Athlete Roster Page

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Athlete Profile Page

As the official batting glove of the MLB, Franklin has nearly 100 professional baseball players on their roster. Their athletes are core to the Franklin brand and are one of the most powerful points of inspiration for customers who want to buy or design custom batting gloves.



Before & After

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